job description

Housekeeping Attendant

Housekeeping Attendant

Main Responsibilities:

  • Take part in internal training courses and to implement what has been learnt in daily practice
  • Keep superior informed about all unusual matters concerning any plans affecting his/her area
  • Report technical defects and having the necessary repairs done
  • Attend to guests special requests
  • Ensure towels (where applicable) are always fresh, clean, neatly folded and displayed
  • Ensure that all amenities are replenished and neatly displayed
  • Vacuum, dust and remove rubbish from Administrative Offices / Rooms and all public areas, tidy and polish where applicable
  • Clean and replenish supplies in changing rooms and toilet and dormitories throughout the day
  • Clean all designated areas
  • Turn in Immediately and report any lost property
  • Ensure efficient use of materials to minimise costs
  • Correct daily hand-over at the end of the shift to the Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Follow strictly the procedure pertaining to master key
  • Clean and re-supplying the given number of guest rooms, including the bathrooms
  • Report technical defects and having the necessary repairs done
  • Prepare maid report sheet for examination
  • Follow the schedule of “deep cleaning” and/or “special tasks”, set up by the Executive Housekeeper
  • Check in respective rooms for lost property
  • Ensure that the following items are checked and cleaned in the main lobby and public areas throughout the day:
  • Ashtrays and bins
  • Chairs, sofas, cushions and seating areas are always neatly arranged
  • Tables and surface areas are cleaned and wiped
  • Any debris and rubbish removed
  • Clean flooring and carpets
  • Polish Glass, windows, mirrors, walls and woodwork
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Clean and maintain Food & Beverage outlets as per set cleaning schedule
  • Ensure that all cleaning equipment and machinery are maintained in working order and are serviced as per schedule
  • Comply with all the sustainability commitments and practices implemented within business units
  • Notify the Sustainable Development Department of any matters that may pose any impact to the environment and society

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Theoretical knowledge (Form III) and/or prior professional experience
  • 1 Year experience in hotels or resorts
  • Speak English and French