job description

Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Officer


The primary goal of this role is to assist the Management in developing sustainability proposals, policies, initiatives, and programs, as well as in coordinating the CSR function within the hotel. By doing so, the role aims to contribute to the establishment of a strong social engagement and sustainable development framework. This involves overseeing and coordinating various sustainability initiatives, engaging with both internal teams and external stakeholders, and contributing to the hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Help in the implementation and coordination of Sustainable Development strategy by following up Sustainable Development projects (i.e Green Key) and support the hotels in the organisation of regular CSR activities (Caritas, Environmental, Educational etc..)
  • Organize regular CSR activities and follow-up and implementation of Sustainable Development projects
  • Conduct sustainability training and awareness sessions for all teams
  • Communicate with guests on sustainability initiatives of the hotel by acting as a sustainability ambassador
  • Identify opportunities both internal and external and create news that can be exploited for PR value to maximise coverage
  • Responsible for sustainability reporting KPIs of their business units
  • Create engagement among staffs and guests on sustainable development
  • Act as the contact person for sustainability and social inclusiveness matters at the hotel
  • Be in constant contact and communication with NGOs and local community
  • Collaborate and develop with communication team sustainability news and events for internal and external communication
  • Follow up on sustainability actions put in place at the hotel
  • Support the implementation of sustainability guidelines and projects in their business units
  • Participate in monthly sustainability meetings and act as secretary
  • Ensure proper landscaping actions: fertilization, hotel garden, endemic plants, etc
  • Identify points of sustainable actions, eg. Highlight bad habits, use of single use plastics, speech with guests, etc
  • Assist in sustainability audit exercises
  • Be the contact person for all social activities, eg. Beach clean-up, awareness sessions for local people, etc
  • Initiate new and innovative sustainability actions in his/her respective business units
  • Participate in morning meetings
  • Ensure communication materials on sustainability is available and in good condition around the hotel (noticeboard, TV, etc)

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sustainability, environmental science, hospitality management, or a related field.
  • Strong passion for sustainability and Sustainable Development principles
  • Experience in CSR activities and project coordination
  • Proficiency in sustainability reporting and PR opportunities
  • Enthusiastic about social activities and innovative sustainability
  • Effective communication skills